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Medications offer the extra assistance people in recovery may need to achieve long-term sobriety.


Synergy Recovery Services offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs.


There are various substances and activities that a person can be addicted to. Find the right treatment for your addiction today.


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We offer comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment in Bakersfield through a combination of counseling and medications. If you want to treat your habits or addictions, Synergy Recovery Services has a solution for you.

Compared to other centers in Bakersfield, CA, nothing comes close to the discrete, personalized attention you’ll find at Synergy Recovery Services. Synergy Recovery Services differs from many other centers in both the comprehensive nature of our services and the pleasant, professional office setting. You’ll be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve in our comfortable, spa-like setting.

Whether you rely on prescription painkillers, tranquilizers or alcohol, many people find themselves unable to stop taking these substances even when they want to. Synergy Recovery Services offers a combination of prescription medications and counseling to ease you away from addiction and back into sober life again. With our dynamic approach to addiction treatment, you’ll experience our synergy effect and begin the process of healthy recovery in our spa-like setting.

Addictions Treated

Addictions Treated

There are various substances and activities that a person can be addicted to ...

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Do you have a problem with prescription painkillers, alcohol or other drugs?

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Developed specifically to help people defeat substance addictions, medications and therapies ...

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Addiction Test

Addiction Test

There are many common misconceptions about addiction ...

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Experience the Best Rehabilitation Center in Bakersfield

Among the doctors and centers who treat addiction in Bakersfield, only Synergy Recovery Services offers a combination of counseling and prescription medications to help you safely recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction Treatment in Bakersfield

Many substance abusers do not understand or are unaware of the harm they are doing to their brain and body. Brain damage caused by addiction may not “wear” off or resolve itself. Contrary to a common belief that the brain bounces back after a period of abstinence, powerful drugs such as methamphetamines and cocaine can affect changes in brain functioning that are not reversible.

In fact, brain impairment involving large-scale brain cell death and shrinkage of brain ventricles may actually lead to changes in brain architecture that create “empty” spaces in the brain where gray and white matter once existed. Reducing the amount of white matter in the brain by abusing drugs or alcohol often causes serious problems with learning, making decisions and coordinating body movements.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to street drugs, prescription medications, steroids or alcohol that has devastated your life or theirs, Synergy Recovery Services can give you the tools and support you need to beat the cycle of addiction and regain the productive, satisfying life you have always wanted and deserve.

Kendal's Story

Watch Kendal's story. She started using oxycontin at a young age which eventually led to heroin addiction. When realizing that her life is on the wrong path she started treatment at Synergy.**


Our Customized, Comprehensive Approach to Addiction Care

Addiction affects everyone differently. That’s why we offer both customized and comprehensive addiction treatment. No two people are the same, and no two treatment programs are identical.

At Synergy Recovery Services, we offer both counseling and prescription medications to help safely and effectively wean you off of drugs and reduce cravings. We have found that for some people, counseling alone isn’t enough. When combined with medications that reduce cravings and treat withdrawal symptoms, people have a higher chance remaining sober and learning the skills they need to live in recovery.

The Synergy Approach to Addiction Treatment

Synergy Recovery Services offers a unique, spa-like setting in Bakersfield. We also offer a combination of treatment options to help many people overcome drug and alcohol use.

Our treatment program is outpatient based, which means you can sleep at home each night and return to Synergy Recovery Services during the day for individual- and group counseling as well as doctor visits. This enables you to keep your usual routine and schedule intact. Treatment is also private and discrete, and no one needs to know about your treatment except you.

Our most intensive treatment is called PHP, or partial hospitalization. You’ll come to our comfortable office five days a week for six or more hours of counseling. Dr. Trobisch and the staff at Synergy Recovery Services will help you safely overcome your drug or alcohol dependence, and teach you the tools and skills you need to recover.

Intensive outpatient treatment is also available. Classroom-style education, counseling sessions and appointments with our team are available to help you recover, and many insurance programs cover this type of addiction care (with prior authorization).

Besides our PHP and IOP, we offer individual counseling and medical management of withdrawal symptoms and prevention of relapse. Dr. Trobisch specializes in addiction medicine, and offers the latest medical treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Our entire team of counselors offers compassionate, professional and private recovery counseling.

Paying for Substance Abuse Treatment

To simplify the process of paying for treatment, we offer an online verifying tool to assist you in learning if your insurance pays for treatment and how much it will contribute towards addiction treatment.

If you or someone you know has been thinking about getting help for a substance use disorder, that means you or they have taken the first step in recognizing a dead-end situation. While getting addicted to drugs or alcohol took no effort, the process of achieving sobriety is complicated, challenging and requires professional assistance. Synergy’s caring and experienced doctors, counselors, therapists and support system help you regain the physical and mental stability you need for learning to live without addictive substances.

Make an Appointment Today

Many people feel ashamed of their drug or alcohol addiction, but please don’t be afraid to call us. Our team doesn’t pass judgment, and we treat you with the compassion and dignity you deserve. We know that drugs, alcohol or a combination of both can wreak havoc on your life. We’re here to help you safely stop using drugs and alcohol and learn new skills so you can live free from substances.

Please call us Monday through Friday at 661-878-9930 for an appointment as soon as possible.

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  •   There's no better place to get treatment for yourself or a loved one. The entire staff is friendly, professional and... Read More

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  •   I can't thank Synergy enough for what they have done for me and my family due to my addiction. They... Read More

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  •   I can't say enough about Synergy and their amazing caring staff. I started Syngery with a desperate call asking for... Read More

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