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Do you have a problem with prescription painkillers, alcohol or other drugs? Are you losing control? The outpatient rehab program at Synergy Recovery Services can help you stop using drugs and alcohol and start living again. Call Synergy Recovery Services now to help with your drug or alcohol addiction. Contact us at 661-878-9930.

At Synergy Recovery Services, we know addiction isn’t a matter of being weak-willed or fragile — it’s a disease. We treat both the person and the disease behind the person with care, compassion and experience.

Synergy Recovery Services offers a comprehensive addiction treatment program that integrates psychosocial counseling with prescription medications. Dr. Trobisch, our medical director, specializes in addiction medicine, and our team can help you get your life back on track.

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Kendal's Mom's Story

Watch Kendal's story from the perspective of her mom. Addiction frequently tears families apart. If your son or daughter was addicted, what would you do?


What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab offers medication, counseling and support for people trying to quit drugs and alcohol. An outpatient setting means that clients visit the center daily for appointments but aren’t in residence. Instead, during outpatient drug and alcohol rehab, clients meet with a doctor specializing in addiction medicine, addiction counselors and others to learn how to manage their illness and work towards recovery.

Why Is Intensive Outpatient Rehab at Synergy Recovery Services Better?

Outpatient rehab programs differ from center to center. With our intensive outpatient program in Bakersfield, CA, clients who do not need supervised detox can receive medical support and medicine to help wean them off the substances they are addicted to. Dr. Trobisch can prescribe various medications that can help you safely recover from opioid- and alcohol addiction.

In addition to medical treatment for addiction, Synergy Recovery Services also offers counseling to help people address the root of what led them to the addiction. Counseling sessions focus on managing situations that lead to relapse, learning how to live in recovery, handling cravings and more. Our counselors are experienced at motivating and encouraging individuals with addiction, and we always treat you with respect and dignity.

By attending the intensive outpatient rehab program at Synergy Recovery Services, you can continue going to work or school while getting help for your drug or alcohol addiction. Because both counseling and treatment take place at a medical office (also offering medical weight loss and cosmetic services) your treatment is discreet and nobody will judge you for attending an outpatient rehab program.

Does Outpatient Rehab Work?

Numerous studies have shown that outpatient rehab works just as well as inpatient rehab. At Synergy Recovery Services, we have seen the proof of this among our clients who are now sober and healthy. These people know that addiction treatment doesn’t have to involve lengthy stays at centers far from home. You can regain your life and be free from drugs and alcohol with the right kind of help and support.

Am I a Good Candidate for Outpatient Rehab?

Every person is unique, and the choice of where to go for rehab is a personal one. You may benefit from outpatient rehab at Synergy Recovery Services if:

  • You are addicted to alcohol, prescription painkillers, heroin or any other drug.
  • You are highly motivated to quit using all drugs and alcohol.
  • People around you such as friends and family are supportive of your desire to quit, and will provide you with a safe, drug-free zone when you leave Synergy Recovery Services each day.

Our outpatient rehab program offers an intensive approach to recovery that many people find appealing. While some individuals like having more time for reflection and recovery meetings, others just want to focus on learning new skills to live sober without relying on drugs and alcohol.

Outpatient rehab at Synergy Wellness Center offers many benefits:

  • Treatment may cost less than inpatient care because there are no room and board charges from the facility.
  • You can live at home in a familiar, comfortable environment while attending our Bakersfield, CA rehab program.
  • You can continue working or going to school without interruption.
  • You’ll still receive expert counseling and medical services from Dr. Trobisch and his team.

What Other Programs Does Synergy Offer?

  • Suboxone® Detox (Opioids)If you are addicted or dependent to opioids – such as heroin or prescription painkillers – and you cannot get clean because of the physical withdrawal associated with opioids then our Suboxone® detox program can help. It involves 2 steps: 1) Conversion from your current opioid to Suboxone® 2) Tapering Suboxone® with the help of various other medications. The detoxification usually takes 10-14 days but may be adjusted, based on your needs. Psychosocial counseling is included in this program.
  • Suboxone® Maintenance (Opioids)If Suboxone® detox fails due to various reasons then the maintenance program may be an option for you. We will first stabilize your Suboxone® dose so you can work on the problems that your addiction may have caused. Getting off this medication is still our long-term goal but at a much lower rate, depending on your symptoms & overall condition. Psychosocial counseling is included in this program.
  • Vivitrol® For Relapse Prevention (Alcohol & Opioids): Vivitrol® is a new medication that can prevent a relapse to alcohol and / or opioids (heroin, painkillers, etc…) by blocking opioid receptors in your brain and is injected in the buttock every 30 days. The medication takes the “rewarding” effect away from alcohol and opioids and protects you from relapse. Vivitrol® is also known to significantly lower cravings. Psychosocial counseling is included in this program.
  • Doctor Visits and Psychosocial Counseling: Our team at Synergy Recovery Services includes a doctor who specializes in addiction medicine and several addiction counselors. If none of the programs above is suitable for you then you may schedule a counseling session to talk about your drug use. We are here to help at Synergy Recovery Services.

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If you have questions about the intensive outpatient rehab services at Synergy Recovery Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help. We have extensive experience with helping people heal from addictions and fight for the sobriety and happiness they deserve. Dr. Trobisch is board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and he is the only physician in Bakersfield, specializing in addiction medicine. Many clients love his down-to-earth yet compassionate approach to addiction. Call us at 661-878-9930, or view our testimonials below to learn more.

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      Very nice atmosphere, Counselors and Doctors are very caring and understanding

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