Our team at Synergy Recovery Services cares about your “Health & Happiness.” In this section you can read what our patients have to say about our services. The patient stories are grouped by the various services we offer. Please feel free to add your own story by filling out the form at the bottom.

Doug 7.9.2018

Watch Doug’s story. Doug used to suffer from an addiction to alcohol, but with the help of the intensive outpatient program at Synergy Recovery Services, he is able to control his addiction and find new (and old) joys in life, like riding his motorcycle.

Jennifer 12.4.2017

Jennifer struggled with Alcohol Dependence when she started treatment with Vivitrol (injectable slow-release Naltrexone) and Intensive Outpatient Counseling (IOP) at Synergy Recovery Services. She is a history professor at Taft College and is looking forward to a life in recovery without Alcohol.

Kyle, Age 31 03.09.2015

I’m writing this testimonial to share with others how “Synergy Lifestyle Center” has changed my life! Before Synergy my life was full of lies and depression. During that time I was abusing pain pills at an extreme level. On a daily basis I had to live with the fear of doing whatever it took to get my hands on those pills, because the awful thought of going into withdrawals. It wasn’t until one day a friend had given my a number to call if I ever felt that I wanted to enter a program to get my life back on track. After spending months and months going through my daily routine I finally decided to call that number he had given me. That number happen to be Synergy Lifestyle Center, and after making an appointment and meeting Dr. Trobisch and the staff, I knew I would be in great hands. I was then prescribed “Suboxone” to help treat my addiction to norco and keep from having “ANY” withdrawals symptoms. In addition to taking Suboxone your also required to attend individual counseling which is really the key, and really helps you see that you can one day have your life back to normal. I owe a huge thanks to the whole staff at Synergy, because of their knowledge and professionalism my life is now back on the right track. And because of that I can now focus on being an honest husband and a great father to my beautiful daughter! Thanks again Synergy Lifestyle Center!**

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Denise 12.4.2017

Denise struggled with alcohol and opioid painkiller addiction before starting treatment at Synergy Recovery Services. A combination of Buprenorphine (Suboxone) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) treatment, along with tough love by her daughter is what helped her beat her addiction.

Jason, Age 34 03.09.2015

Hello, my name is Jason and I’m 34 years old. I am from Fresno CA and I currently see Dr. Trobisch for my prior addiction to Tramadol (non narcotic pain reliever.) I started my treatment by taking Suboxone 16mg and currently I am down to 3mg. Prior to meeting Dr. Trobisch, my addiction was growing out of control. My life changed the day I walked out of his office. I have not touched Tramadol since I left his office for the first time. I have seen other addiction doctors and nobody compares to Dr. Trobisch. He is a very low stress, down to earth doctor. His level of knowledge and expertise far exceeds any addiction doctor in the central valley (IMHO.) I drive a little over 2 hours once a month to attend my appointments with Dr. Trobisch. I would gladly drive further if I had to. If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are seeking help for some type of addiction. You won’t need to look any further. The level of service from Dr. Trobisch and his awesome staff is superb. I am very close to being completely recovered and I owe a LOT of my success to Dr. Trobisch and his awesome team. Thanks!**

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Paul 12.4.2017

A back injury is what led Paul to becoming addicted to painkillers. After detoxification with Suboxone (buprenorphine) and intensive outpatient counseling at Synergy Recovery he was able to recover from his painkiller addiction.

Travis, Age 32 03.09.2015

I, Travis have been receiving outpatient drug treatment and counseling through Synergy for approximately 1.5 years. Prior to starting my treatment at Synergy I was a mess, smoking and snorting pills. It didn’t matter what kind as long as I could get high. I would blow through a script of of 120 pills in 5-6 days, then start buying off the streets spending all my money. I was trading my wife and kids for a pill addiction until a friend of mine told me about Synergy. It wasn’t easy getting clean at first. I continued to take pills, then Suboxone when I would run out until almost dieing. After that I wanted to be clean more than ever sticking to the program going to counseling appointments regularly and sticking to only the Suboxone. Synergy saved my life and my marriage. I’ve been clean from pills over a year but continue my treatment here.**

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Jody 12.8.2017

Watch Jody’s story and how she overcame her addiction to cocaine with intensive outpatient counseling at Synergy Recovery Services. From cocaine addiction to marathon runner in less than a year!

Michelle, Age 38 03.09.2015

I have Lupus and RA so I was given many addictive pain medications. As a result of 7 years of that I became dependent on them and decided I needed to get off. I have been coming to Synergy for 1 year off all my pain meds. with the help of Suboxone and Counseling and as a result I have less pain. Thank you Dr. Trobisch and staff for all of your help.**

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Kendal 06.27.2017

Watch Kendal’s story. She started using oxycontin at a young age which eventually led to heroin addiction. When realizing that her life is on the wrong path she started treatment at Synergy Recovery.

Anonymous Male, Age 63 03.09.2015

First of all, I want to say this: “If you have come to the conclusion that your relationship with medications (legal or illegal) has become out of control …..please …. listen to me!”

I am going to remain anonymous in that I am a practicing licensed health care professional myself. I found myself in the same horrible condition that perhaps you have now also found yourself. I know how terrible it is. I will be happy to someday personally tell you my story but for now…..we need to talk about you. We need to get you feeling happy and healthy again. And my friend, I assure you…. If you are reading this….You have finally arrived at the right place. There is an old Chinese proverb that’s says ‘When the student is ready … the teacher will appear”!

I want to be completely honest with you… If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of having an addiction problem, especially if you are a professional – you must get help? Do not try this on your own! Go to a professional. This was advice that I was given and I am very great full I was smart enough and followed it.

Your next decision is where to find the right doctor. Again…..please listen to me my friend, I know what I am talking about. I know the despair, the shame, the damage that drug abuse, prescription or otherwise, eventually causes. Not every doctor is sufficiently trained to treat our problems. In fact, there are only a couple in Kern County that are….and in my opinion, there are none better than Dr. Jan Trobisch. I believe I was one of his initial patients and have been under his guided care longer than almost any other of his addiction patients. He knows what he is doing .. And he does it well.

Please do yourself, and your family, a favor and call Dr. Trobisch’s office today and schedule an appointment. Get this chapter of your life over with and turn the page to a happier, healthier life. **

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Marianne, Age 29 03.12.2016

Dr. Trobisch and his team of counsellors and office staff have been my saving grace throughout my recovery process the past two years. As I realize no one is ever “cured” of this disease, having a support system outside of family and friends is extremely important. I’m grateful to have a safe and nourishing place to go in my times of need. I’m not sure I would have made it this far without this group of professionals that truly care about their patients well-being and adapting their recovery plan accordingly. I have made friends with a fabulous, supportive group of fellow addicts and continue to learn and grow from their experiences.

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